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From Sudan - Pediatric cardiovascular surgery

From Sudan - Pediatric cardiovascular surgery During my stay in Acibadem I was overwhelmed by the physicians and the medical and hospital staff. Physicians used to visit me daily for about two weeks hospitalization, sometimes two/three times a day including weekend vacation. They also respond immediately to my phone calls. Also the medical program was fully explained to us during our stay and every question raised was answered. Acibadem is excellent in analyzing patient's problems, alleviating their fears and reassuring them. The nursing staffs perfectly know their job and were very kind and humane. This close relationship made it very difficult moments thereafter at the time of our departure.

The hospital was beyond our expectations as far as the staff, instrumentation, and buildings and setup. No doubt it ranks second to no hospital I have visited abroad. Nobody on earth wishes to be sick. However, if I decided to go abroad again as a patient or co-patient Turkey and Acibadem will be my target.

Dr Omer Mohamed Eltom Elshami/SUDAN

Ministry of higher education and scientific research

From USA - Pediatric cardiovascular surgery

From USA - Pediatric cardiovascular surgery
Three-year old James Larsen, whose heart problem and down syndrome could not identified by the examinations done in the mother's womb, was born with two important anomalities in his heart.

Due to one of the rarest anomalities in the heart found in Larsen, open heart surgery lasted 6 hours and performed by Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department.

During surgery, Larsen's heart was stopped for 1,5 hours where 8 malfunctions were repaired in six hours. 

Cardiovascular Surgery Team, who performed the surgery states that almost 50% of children with down syndrome are found to have natal heart anomalities; as for James Larsen, there were two big anomalities found together. Therefore, the problem became more complex and risk of surgery increased as emphasized by Prof Sarioglu James had anomalities called Fallot Tetralogy (disease where four heart anomalities are found together) and Complet A-V (Full channel Anomality) before he was cured in Acibadem Hospital.

From Romania: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

From Romania: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine


I have had pain for the last 12 years of my life. In Acibadem Healthcare Group, with a  20 minute-microsurgery all the pain is history now.
No one in my country could find our what the cause of my pain was for years. After a detailed consultation, the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine doctor has discovered a tiny mass. After the removal, the pain was gone.
Many thanks and all my compliments. I just want to thank you very much for your support.

Best wishes
Andreea Raducan/Romania
Gymnast, Olympics champion and world champion

Anadolu Medical Center
From USA- Bypass, Mitral Valve Repairs and Radiofrequency Ablation

From USA- Bypass, Mitral Valve Repairs and Radiofrequency Ablation

 John Freeman, a native of the State of Nevada in the U.S., experienced a minor heart attack. After an evaluation by the local physician, John was informed that he had a cardiac valve problem and that surgery was necessary.  John did not have health insurance in the U.S. and he did not want to take all of his retirement savings to spend on his operation, which was going to cost everything that he had.  So, John started looking for alternatives abroad. 

John learned about Anadolu Medical Center through an article he read about medical tourism, searched hospital’s website and was satisfied with what he learnt. Once at Anadolu Medical Center, John underwent an angiography, which revealed a blockage in one of his vessels in addition to the cardiac valve problem. John was scheduled for surgery a few days after his evaluation. 
The day before his surgery Anadolu Medical Center organized a tour of Istanbul since this was John’s first time in Turkey.  The following day, his doctor Prof. Dr. Sertac Cicek and his team conducted John’s surgery which took four hours. Prof. Dr. Sertac Cicek said:  “Surgery went very well. His mitral valve is functioning properly now. He has no mitral insufficiency or stenosis. His once arrhythmic heart now beats regularly”.

John shared his thoughts about the difference between American and Turkish hospitals:  “Based on my experience, I can confidently say that there is no difference between this hospital and those in America in terms of service quality and technical infrastructure. I found the teamwork and integrated approach among Turkish physicians to be very impressive. I witnessed their professionally organized working system. Consistent and effective communication among the medical staff and their successful backgrounds really comforted me. The long distance between two countries meant that I travelled alone for this operation. However the staff’s sincere and close attention ensured that I never felt alone”.

John Freeman/USA

From Bulgaria- Laryngeal Cancer

From Bulgaria- Laryngeal Cancer

Professor Boris Grozdanov, an academic at Sofia University and a prominent minister of the parliament, suddenly started experiencing difficulty in hearing, hoarseness, a nasal congestion and ultimately, double vision. Upon his examinations, Boris was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and was recommended urgent surgery.

“I contacted Johns Hopkins Medicine in the United States. They told me that I didn’t have to travel all the way to America as treatment could be provided just as effectively at Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey.”

Over the course of a year of treatment in Anadolu Medical Center, Boris received three cures of chemotherapy and 35 cures of radiotherapy. Travelling to Istanbul for final check-ups, Boris was overjoyed to see he was clean of cancer cells. He said, “The physicians at Anadolu Medical Center aren’t only professional, they are excellent people. They gave me the trust I needed since the day one. The treatment went full speed and I recovered in a very short time. My family and I are indebted to everyone there from the specialists to nurses as well as our translator. We always felt we were in the right hands. They create wonders here”.

Boris Grozdanov/Bulgaria


From Canada- CyberKnife

From Canada- CyberKnife


Laurie Dunford, a resident of Canada, had been struggling against cancer since 2001. At the end she decided to come to Anadolu Medical Center.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a very aggressive and fast developing sort and my doctors told me that it was too big to be surgically removed. I undertook chemothreapy for one year.

Two years ago I noticed a stain on my forehead, yet the screening didn’t give a clue. At June 2009, I started suffering severe headaches. I was recommended a challanging surgery which would be followed by a tough time of recovery.

I started searching for alternatives online. That was when I learnt about CyberKnife and I reached Anadolu Medical Center. I extended my medical reports and was told that I was a suitable patient for CyberKnife.

It is hard for me to express how I feel right now. I was very anxious for being alone at a foreign country. But, Anadolu Medical Center International Services team welcomed me right at the airport and they never left me alone all though my treatment. My treatment was planned and realized in a very short time. I am very happy and peaceful.” 


Laurie Dunford/Canada 

Bayındır Healthcare Group
From Uzbekstan -Anaesthesiology and Reanimation

I have been working for 15 years as a CVC intensive care doctor at V. Vahidov Operation Center of Uzbekistan Republic Ministry of Health. I came to Bayındır Hospital on 16 December 2008 as intern. During my intern period in Bayındır Hospital, I have gained very important knowledge. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who provided me this knowledge. I have observed 50 open heart surgeries. I have learned to give Cvann-Gansa. I have endured the post operation period of the serious diseases like Soner diabetes and renal failure without any complications. When I was working at the intensive care unit, it was surprising to find that the personnel working there were all high educated and professional people. Especially the nurses in the intensive care unit were able to take care of the patients who were having very heavy complications and were in the worst situations all by their selves. The smallest scar in the patient's body was not overlooked. I am amazed with the working regulations of Bayındır Hospital. I can tell much more positive things about Bayındır Hospital. All the things that I have experienced were all beautiful. The patience and the smiling faces of the workers and their education levels all amazed me. The quality, cleanliness and tidiness of the hospital were exemplary. I would like to thank everyone who patiently replied my questions during my intern period.

 Dr. Dano JULAMANOVA/Uzbekstan

From Syria -Bone Marrow Transplantation

This is Derar Mazloum. I am from the Syrian Arab Republic and 13 year-old. I got sick end of February, 2010. I have received chemotherapy treatment in Teshrin Hospital, Syria and I have learned that I needed to have a bone marrow transplantation. However, there had no any such treatment in our country. So, I had been sent to Turkey to have this treatment with a support by the Military Teshrin Hospital Dr. Hala Hadish and Dr. Mohammed Barr Ali and the Persident of the Syrian Medical Aid Organisation Dr. Khaled Ataya. My relatives, comrades and aid agencies gave their supports both financailly and morally and I have came here this way.
I arrived to Bayindir Hospital on July 12th, 2010. However, while was coming to hospital, I was worried and scared. I was worried about my illness and treatment of it. There had anxiety of thinking the medications I am giong to receive, the pain I am giong to experience and the language issue. Within a short period of time after my stay in hospital, I was amazed. The hospital was very nice and clean, everyone in the hospital was debonaire and supportive. I was very glad of this. So, I felt myself as in my house, not in a hospital.
I felt myself as the most spoilt kid at the 8 floor where the unit was located. Even I have taught Arabic to the nurses and medical providers over the time and they have taught me Turkish.
Prof. Dr. Suleyman Dincer, Specialist Dr. Cafer Aksoy, Dr. Ahmet Oymak ve Dr. Buket Cicek are not like a person but like an angel who had came down from the sky for me. They became like Dr. Hadish as I like my mother for me. Even they have assigned an Arabic-speaking nurse, Selma Safarini, for taking care of me all the time. She is a very well-intended woman. When she wakes me up, she calls me as "my beautiful lovely Derar, my sweet Derar" and I love her very much.
I would like to thank specially Coordinator Mr. Levent Uyaniker and beautiful lady Meral Oral from the International Patient Department at Bayindir Hospitals. They have been asking to me and my family eachtime from the date I have came here whether I need anything and they have tried their best to solve any of my problems without any hesitation.
And now with the permission of Allah, I am returning to my home. I have already missed Bayindir Hospitals. However, I know that after 6 months I will come here for my follow-up examinations with a health.
In this way,I would like to thank especially Dr. Hadish and to everyone who had taken care of me on behalf of my family.
The most beautiful thing during my stay as an inpatient in this hospital wasseeing the two of the Bairams here. The hospital staff did not forgot me and they have celebrated me with some gifts. They had already knew that I loved drawing pictures. I have drew pictures to them, even their pictures.
One day I never forget, my angio was going to be done and I especially was thinking that Iwould be experienced too much pain. However, when I woke up, I saw lots of baloons of Bayindir in my bed and I was feeling great. I was so happy.
Thank you for you all.
Derar Mazloum..

Derar Mazloum/Syria

Dentan Comprehensive Dental Clinic
From Albenia-Restorative Dentistry

After the first knock at your door, I am voluntary guest slave of this house, for the rest of my teeth-live.Thank you.

Fatos Nano / Prime Minister of Albenia

From UK-Cosmetic Dentistry

Not only do you persue excellence, but you are that rare bird that achieves it.Thank you for the art.

Norman Shelly / UK

Dünya Eye Hospitals
From Netherlands – Laser eye surgery

I had a laser surgery in Dünyagöz Centers and I got rid of my eye glasses which I was using for 25 years. It was a very fantastic experience. Now I will have vacation in Turkey without my glasses.
Frans Weekers / Member of the Dutch Parliament

Group Florence Nightingale
From Afghanistan -Spinal Surgery

Dear Sirs,

lt gives me pleasure to express my deep appreciation for your kind
help in my treatment earlier this month. Your professional expertise in
conducting my complicated spinal surgery in a successful manner is
highly praiseworthy.
Only three weeks have passed since the operation and my pains are
alteady remarkably reduced, thanks to the Almighty Allah and your
dedicated work as a highly qualified and capable surgeon. i hope that
with the course of time my condition would further improve and i would
regain my lost strength.
Through you, i would like to thank your entire team as well as the
hospital's staff and administration for their help and assistance during
my stay at Florence Nightingale.
May Allah (SWT) reward you for your kind services and bless you with
further success in this life and in the Hereafter.

Best regards,
Prof. Sibghatullah AI-Mojaddedi/Afghanistan
President of the Senate,Afghan Parliament

From Sudan- Medical Treatment

From Sudan- Medical Treatment

We found the hospital from their web site and got an appointment with a woman as working
patient service specialist for the international patients. During 10 days that we have been at
hospital, they took a close interest in us and our sense of confidence has increased. Staffs
from different departments made us feel this way. We were treated gently, merry, politely and
by the best treatment method and this relieved our mind. In short, everyone was nice to us. I
have several comments about some issues at the below:

Design of The Hospital: Lighting and ventilation systems in rooms are very good and every time, there are oxygen
equipments in case of emergency. Place and design of laboratory provide convenience for the
patients. The position of the diagnostic and treatment units was perfect and it makes simple to
get on between examination and diagnosis regions. Division of operating rooms and intensive
care units are also good. Rooms are very comfortable and are equipped perfectly.
Services: Woman in charge of international patients took a close interest in us and informed us
about the condition of hospital and processes. Her interest and successful coordination
have made the treatment steps easily. She always took attention to and assisted with
our needs as a translator.
Doctors: Doctors have experiences academically. They were interested in us closely and they
were nice to us. They were sensitive to our case and respectful to emotions.
Nurses: Nurses are skilful, punctual in every field and they are very kind to the patients. They
make a hit with patients and they are also patient and merry.
Chefs: They are punctual at cooking suitable meals for patient’s statements.
Chars: Chars clean rooms 3-4 times a day. They change the couchette covers in everyday and
handle everyone with kid gloves.

They has treated us friendly. Everybody is kind and works efficiently and has a sense of
responsibility. This made us relax.

Tahira Abdulkareem Abdulrahman/Sudan

From Nigeria- Liposuction

From Nigeria- Liposuction

Me and my brother came to Istanbul, without knowing what to expect. We didn’t know the native language and neither did we know anybody.

At the airport we were received warmly by Miss Ilknur of the International Department of the Florence Nightingale Hospital. She was an immense helper for us. She was always when we needed her. She guided us and settled us to a hotel and made sure that we were comfortable.

The hospital is beautiful and of standard. Te staff are very hospitable, the hospital rooms are clean and well equipped and the food is healthy and delicious.

Our stay has been very enjoyable. Thanks to the cheery and nice Miss Ilknur. We look forward to know more and explore this beautiful country.

Thank you,

Aysha Muagu Vyeria / Nijerya

Güven Hospital
From Greece-Neurosurgery

In April 24th, 2010; our Foreign Patient Department was informed for a 53-year old  resident of Greece, who was defined to have severe lumbalgia and foot drop. The history of the patient was evaluated by Neurosurgery Council and the patient was decided to be admitted to Ankara Guven Hospital. The Foreign Patient Department Representative organized the transport via airplane, arranged the accomodation and the patient was admitted to the hospital in April 29th, 2010. The day he arrived, lomber MRI and the rest of the tests were performed. Because his MRI revealed extruded disc hernia in L4,5; he underwent left L4 partial hemilaminectomy and microdiscectomy operation in April 30th, 2010. In his post-operative 1st day, he was very successfully managed for his pain and in May 2nd, 2010, he was discharged from the hospital with recovery. All through his stay he and his relatives were trained not only for his operation related issues but safe medication and physical exercises, also.

Below is his statement of content by his words;

“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding care that your hospital recently provided to me. Your staff’s attention to details and consistent atempts to make my stay as comfortable as could be made what could have been a very stressful event more manageable. All the physicians and the rest of the team provided outstanding care and answered all questions and concerns both prior to and following my operation.

I would especially like to note the assistance provided by Foreign Patient Department staff. Their caring attitude and positive approach were a great comfort to me and my family throughout the whole process.” 


Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
From Azerbaijan-Cardiovascular Surgery

The patient named Arzuman Musayev from Azerbaijan had circulatory system disease due to diabetes and cigarette smoking. He previously applied to some medical centers in Germany and according to their evaluation the only life-saving treatment was amputation of both legs at knee level.

The patient, who admitted to Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, was examined by cardiovascular surgeons and aortobifemoral, femoropopliteal by-pass graft operations were performed. Following this, hyperbaric oxygen therapy was started in our unit inside the hospital. With this treatment modality loss of the legs was prevented - only the tips of his toes had to be amputated. The patient stated his satisfaction with gratitude towards hospital staff.

Arzuman Musayev / Azerbaijan

From Kazakhstan-Vitrectomy Surgery

Aydın Seisenbay living in Kazakhstan, applied doctors in his country several times with the complaint of loss of sight. He underwent cataract surgery two times, but the results were not successful, consequently he decided to go to Turkey with the advice of a doctor.

The patient preferred Hisar Intercontinental Hospital. Surgeon Faruk Eroğlu diagnosed retinal tear and retinal detachment, and then vitrectomy surgery was performed on the right eye.

As a result of accuracy in sight, expressing the pleasure Aydin Seisenbay said “I will tell the success of the Turkish doctors and the peace of Hisar Hospital in Kazakhstan as far as possible.”

Aydın Seisenbay / Kazakhstan

From Belgium-Little Axel's struggle for life

Little Axel's life story, begins with coming of his mother to Turkey on holiday with her sister. Because of abrupt birth pain and bleeding she faced in Bodrum, they were transferred to Hisar Intercontinental Hospital in Istanbul via air ambulance.
Premature birth in the 30th week of pregnancy was successfully performed by Cesarean section. Finally Little Axel (1530g) won the battle of life and returned home healthily…

Kartepe Oral and Dental Health Center
Kent Health Group
From USA - Meningioma

'John' and 'Mary', a retired couple from Orange County, California, were very excited about their summer plans that year. They had booked a cruise months in advance and were ready to experience many cultures and relax while visiting idyllic islands and ports around the Mediterranean.

Once at aboard, everything was going as expected: relaxation, fun and beautiful scenery. It all changed one night when Mary woke up surprised and frightened to hear John breathing roughly; he was having an epileptic seizure, something that had never happened before. The ship doctor began to stabilize him while calling for transport to the closest emergency center. Fortunately, the ship was approaching its next port of call, Kusadasi in Turkey. Once John was off the ship, he was whisked off by an advanced resuscitation ambulance team to Joint Commision (JCI) accredited Kent Hospital in Izmir, one hour away.

He was evaluated by the emergency medicine specialist on duty, scanned (the radiology department, with 24-hour MRI and spiral CT availability, is only a few steps from the emergency department), and treated to prevent further seizures. Kent Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the world to have 24-hour coverage by residency-trained emergency medicine specialist physicians. A diagnosis of meningioma (a benign brain tumor) was made. Impressed with the efficient and complete care and consultations performed in the emergency department and radiology suite, he and his wife decided to stay on for 24 hours of observation and stabilization in the ICU.

The following day, he and his wife made a final decision to stay here for definitive care instead of being evacuated to a hospital near their home in California. One of our in-house neurosurgery physicians, a professor with US training and over 20 years experience, then took the patient to the operating room in order to remove the tumor. With the help of our highly-trained OR staff, he performed a craniotomy and successfully removed the tumor completely. After monitoring in the ICU for an additional day, John recovered nicely without complications in one of our single-patient rooms, which include usage of a free laptop and wi-fi internet so they could stay connected with their family and satellite TV and bed for accompanying persons.

John and Mary were pleased not only with the excellent and up-to-date care they received, but also with the low cost of their stay. They ended up paying a fraction of what the initial examinations, imaging, operative and post-op care would have cost back in the United States. After returning to their home, John continued to enjoy retired life.


From USA - Ophthalmology Patient

From USA - Ophthalmology Patient

“Dear Doctors,

Thank you for everything you did last November to help me see again. (Following the treatment I received at Kent Hospital) I’ve returned home and the doctors here also have confirmed what I had was “bilateral optic neuritis” which took about 6 weeks to return to normal. My vision is perfect now!

I am sending you some of my 2009 artwork as a Thank You to you and so you could see how well I can really see and paint. I hope you enjoy my work.”

Kindest Regards,

Katherine Bernstein/USA


Medicana Health Group
Medicana Health Group

From the Netherlands - Cardiology Treatment

I am a customer of AGIS. I went to my insurance company and told them that I would go to Turkey. I asked them if they had any recommendation about where to go. They recommended Medicana for both being close to my place and its high quality service. I received a treatment at cardiology service last year. I am here this year for my check-ups and my son’s surgery. My daughter received a treatment here earlier.

People’s attitude here is warm and nice. Physicians and health officers are very friendly. It is quite important for an individual to feel safe and have a faith in their physician. I wish Medicana a continued success.

Şerif Şen/ The Netherlands


From Germany - Cancer Treatment

I found out about your hospital through my search.  My insurance company highly recommended you as well. First of all, this hospital is beyond world standards in terms of technology. Patients feel safe with this professional team. I receive oncology treatment. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in Belgium. I went to Turkey afterwards. I received a breast cancer treatment at Medicana International İstanbul Hospital for a year. Prof. Dr. Bülent Berkarda who is one of the first medical oncologists of Turkey followed up my illness. My treatment and follow up processes were carried out by experienced oncology specialists and nurses of Medicana International İstanbul Hospital. I am perfectly fine right now.

Ayşe Kırgız / Germany

Memorial Health Group
From USA - Orthopedics and Traumatology

The best medicine this sector has... A sincere thank you !

Dear Memorial Team,

Thank you so much for all you did for Virginia and I during our week at Memorial. You were the lifeline we needed while we were language-challenged and in a wonderful country. The orthopedic doctor we saw here said that everything was done perfectly in her operation over there. We still talk with almost everyone about our wonderful friends at Memorial, especially our Angels!

Virginia Lee Bakken/USA

From France - Diverticulosis, General Surgery(medical treatment)

Dear all,
We would like to thank you for the high standard of your hospital, as well as all the staff members who took care , everyone proved to be very professional and very positively impressed by the excellent quality of all the treatments .

In a nutshell, everybody made this hospitalization an everlasting memory, we would be happy to meet any of you again, in Turkey or in France.

Guy Pitie/France

TOBB ETU Hospital
From USA-Arthroscopic Surgery

"I came to TOBB ETU Hospital for Arthroscopic operation.It took about one hour for them to operate me.The doctors and the stuff at TOBB ETU Hospital were very professional, supportive and helpful.

The hospital is an excellent  facility and quite modern.Thank for your kindness"

Dixie Enerson / USA(Teacher)

From Canada-Gastroenterology

"Dear TOBB Administration,

I am writing to thank you for continuing to offer a service in the hospital that was originated under MESA, as the International Patient Services Department.I am a Canadian working at Bilkent Laboratory and International School, and have used the services many times when I have had to come to the hospital .Because of International Patient Services I have had a definite comfort level in understanding procedures with whatever I needed to have done.I didn't realize these services were unique to Ankara.I have referred  a number of staff at Bilkent to TOBB ETU, directly because of the International Patient Services.They are reliable, friendly and knowledgeable.I have come to value these services and wanted to thank such positions as part of the new hospital organization."

Melissa Costigan / Canada

Yeditepe University Hospital
From Uzbekstan - IVF

In our search for clinics, we have considered various options, including very famous clinic in London, a clinic in Switzerland and several clinics in Russia.  Yeditepe was the most efficient in processing and responding to our queries. Our level of satisfaction is very high.  The level of technological advancement and medical professionalism which we have observed has exceeded our expectations.  All doctors we had dealt have been very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  We feel comfortable to deal with any of the doctors of the department.  There seems to be good internal communication system, making sure that available doctors taking in the patients are fully aware of all of the latest developments. The service was technologically adequate, professional, very courteous and friendly.

Laly and  Murod Sattarova/Uzbekstan

From Russia (UK Citizen) - Cardiovascular Surgery

I heard Yeditepe University Hospital from my friend and via internet. I watched the website and decided to be treated at Yeditepe University Hospital and I get in touch with the hospital via e-mail. Service and treatment in a different class to the UK and Russia. They have very high standards and service. I have also recommended the hospital to a number of friends and family. I am very satisfied with the medical care I received.

Chris Bookless/Russia

From Canada- Plastic Surgery

I wanted anti-ageing type cosmetic surgery procedures. I did research online and through friends on the best hospitals and doctors in Istanbul. I discovered Yeditepe through your English magazine. I consulted with 4 of the best recommended doctors before choosing Yeditepe. I chose Yeditepe because your international reputation and standards are very high. Compared to all other places consulted, Yeditepe possesses all the qualities I hoped for in a plastic surgery clinic and more. And from the first consultation, my confidence increased with every meeting in terms of his more quality time was spent in analyzing my issues, considering the various options and determining the best procedures and the most intelligent, the most progressive and least invasive solutions were found. Our doctor is an artist at heart, principles of beauty such as harmony, naturalness and holism are foremost in his mind.

Leo Romanova/Canada

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