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DEIK/Health Tourism Business Council (SAİK), one of the sectoral business council, established to carry out various operations for health sector which is growing value of Turkey to get it's deserved place in the global markets, to provide the gualified health services to be introduced to target markets, to lock the public and private sector around a common mission by providing the medical tourism to take a meaningful place as economically under the tourism revenues of Turkey by providing the Turkey oriented health tourism improved.

The Council was established as a Health Committe under Turkish-American Business Council of DEİK in 2007. The Council completed its establishment by 2010 with the leadership of Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association and participation of the most prestigious health tourism related institutions, which are active in Turkey and in various other countries in the world.

It includes members of Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, Turkish Airlines, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as well as the senior representatives from leading companies of the health and tourism sectors.

The main purpose of the Business Council is to enable the highly-developed Turkish health sector achieve its well-deserved place in the international arena and contribute its high-value added services to the global value chain.

Accordingly, the Council is working towards making Turkey a center of attraction through presentation of Turkey’s strengths to target markets, organization of national and international events, facilitation of production of the necessary information, strategic guidance to public decision makers and market players and drawing know-how, investment and finance to Turkey.

The official web site of the Council is Developed in 2009, this website offers detailed information about health tourism in Turkey and introduces the potential of the sector to the global arena. The site won the Standard of Excellence Award of Web Marketing Association which names the best websites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development.

This website is open to questions, comments and suggestions from all stakeholders, including patients, payers, public policy makers and potential partners.



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